Family Entertainment Center / LBE / Speciality Entertainment Projects


N-Kid Indoor Operations, Vietnam
(Client: ICG Strategy and Standard Chartered)


SkyRise Miami
Miami, Florida, USA

ITPS was retained by the developer of this new observation / attractions-based tower in Miami to perform a variety of services. These have included the development of a comprehensive feasibility analysis, which provided market review, site review, concept review, attendance projections, cash flow projections, and investment parameters. ITPS has provided ongoing design review assistance, ride procurement, programmatic development, concept planning, interaction with technical aspects of project development, pre-opening operations planning and other required planning.


Coco Cay
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines


Storybook Land
Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

ITPS was contracted to design the new Visitor Center for Storybook Land in Aberdeen, South Dakota. ITPS provided concept design and interior layouts for the new center as well as designed the new entry sign for the park. ITPS also provided a 5-year masterpaln program.


Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

ITPS was contracted to provide project management for the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in New Orleans. The Sims Group, LLC contracted ITPS to provide project management for the new Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. ITPS coordinated all aspects of construction to opening. The new Ripley’s is housed in the former Planet Hollywood location of Jackson Brewery and provided challenges during the design and construction.


Wells Dairy
LeMars, Iowa, USA

Wells Dairy, makers of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, contracted ITPS to design a new visitor's center highlighting Wells' Dairy and LeMars, Iowa's status of being the "Ice Cream Capital of the World."

To showcase a city known as the "Ice Cream Capital of the World" and satisfy many requests from visitors wishing to tour the ice cream plant, ITPS was commissioned to design a fun, interactive and educational attraction for all visitors to enjoy. Inspired by "down home" quality and friendliness, a dairy farm and old-fashioned ice cream parlor was the chosen theme.

Visiting the 13,000 square foot facility, guests learn about the City of Le Mars and the history of Wells Dairy, witness the making of Blue Bunny Ice Cream in the "Production Theater," take a "hands-on" role in the Taste Testing Center, interact with a variety of computer trivia games and soft-play elements, and enjoy a variety of Wells Dairy products in the relaxed atmosphere of the quaint Ice Cream Parlor.

Highlighting the past, present and future of the Dairy's ice cream, the visitor's center also incorporates an existing restaurant and gas station into the design. In addition to providing interior layout and masterplan, exhibit designs, and exterior facades for the museum and visitor's center, ITPS performed a study of the market in order to provide a detailed analysis of the number of visitors to the center. By providing this data in advance, ITPS saved Wells' Dairy time and money by ensuring that the facility design could accommodate the number of guests expected without overbuilding the center.


Dino Kingdom
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Kossman Development Company retained International Theme Park Services, Inc. ("ITPS") to complete services in the areas of design review, operations, safety, manual development and on-site training for Dino Kingdom, dinosaur themed Family Entertainment Center within Pittsburgh's Parkway Center Mall.

Parkway Center Mall, Pittsburgh's only in-city mall, encompasses 500,000 square feet on three (3) levels and is located two (2) miles from downtown Pittsburgh. The FEC occupies nearly 12,000 square feet on the first level of the mall and incorporates traditional elements such as redemption games, soft play, and party rooms within a dinosaur themed environment.

ITPS staff were on-site for during the pre-opening and opening phase, providing training, facility set-up, product placement and other general assistance services. ITPS also provided follow-up visits to review the project during actual operation and provide guidance.


Millennium Monument
Newport, Kentucky, USA

The Millennium Monument was scheduled to be an observation tower standing 1,149 feet over the Ohio River Valley in Newport, Kentucky. Included in the plans for the monument was attractions providing guests with more to do than simply look around. Attractions included a 360-degree theater, a 3D simulator, the world's largest bell, and exhibits emphasizing the role of the many craftsman in the creation of today's modern world.

ITPS conducted the initial feasibility study for the project, studying the market, economic, and design characteristics.


Sungold Entertainment
Toledo Beach, Michigan, USA

ITPS was retained by Sungold Entertainment Corp. to conduct a feasibility analysis at Toledo Beach, Michigan. This study was Sungold's first step in developing a major entertainment center to service the Detroit / Windsor Casino tourist market and the 9.6 million person market that is within a 100 mile drive of the Toledo Beach site. 


Rockford Park District
Rockford, Illinois, USA

The Rockford Park District is an active and progressive governmental agency located in Rockford, Illinois (Illinois' second largest city). ITPS has worked with the Rockford Park District since 1986 on a myriad of projects:

Lockwood Park - Family Fun Center
The Lockwood Park site is farmland with gently rolling hills and Kent Creek running through the property located 17 miles south of the Illinois-Wisconsin state line. Located in Rockford, Illinois, the "fun center" concept is to develop a themed attraction containing creative play elements, kiddie rides, trout fishing facilities, horseback riding and picnic areas. The park is geared toward the "family" unit. ITPS was contracted to analyze the market and financial feasibility of the proposed attraction providing site plans, design layouts, renderings and vignettes.

Magic Waters Waterpark
Magic Waters, a 34.5 acre waterpark, is located on the southeast corner of Winnebago County. Magic Waters, originally developed by the private sector, was purchased by the Rockford Park District after the waterpark had failed to perform successfully during its first several years of operation. ITPS was contracted to provide an analysis of operations leading to an in-depth renovation and expansion program for Magic Waters.

Railroad Park Museum
The Kent Creek Industrial District is an older part of Rockford where many of the existing manufacturing firms began. The district is located in the heart of the city. The area is aging, but remains viable and requires revitalization for preservation. The City of Rockford contracted ITPS to prepare a feasibility study of a "railroad" themed park and museum to be located at an old railroad depot station of approximately 10 acres. Overall responsibilities have also included site identifications, concept evaluations, physical planning parameters and architectural renderings.


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