About Us

International Theme Park Services, Inc. ("ITPS") is a world-wide management and consulting firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). Established in 1983, ITPS was formed to fill the demand for practical knowledge and hands-on experience in leisure and attendance driven industries. Our commitment to the success of the industry is demonstrated with all of our clients. We work with and value the goals of each project - small, medium and large. As a full service organization, ITPS is qualified to provide complete consultation and management services in the areas of: Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Resorts, Waterparks, Specialty Attractions, Family Entertainment Centers, Malls, Aquariums, and Zoos.

ITPS' Success

The successes ITPS has enjoyed since its establishment in 1983 is based on one fundamental principle...know the industry! We make it our business to always be current on trends, economic influences, state-of-the-art advances and most importantly - what the visitors want. It is the ITPS philosophy to ensure that the highest standard of quality and professionalism are planned and integrated throughout the entire project: feasibility analysis, design development, operations planning and management.

Our Team

Our team of experts are highly knowledgeable, creative and cooperative. Vastly experienced within the industry (over 350+ years combined), the ITPS team is capable of meeting every client need. We provide the perspective of practitioners...not theorists. This practical hands-on experience makes a significant difference in the successful outcome of our clients' project.

Consultation and management capabilities allow ITPS to provide a wide range of services - designed specifically for each client. Depending on the clients' need, we can act solely as the feasibility analyst/project designer/operational planner/management team or participate as an integral part of a specialized consulting team.

An Industry Pioneer

ITPS has pioneered the establishment of industry standards for devising and planning the necessary and specific operating programs for theme parks and attractions worldwide.

Capitalizing on its well-known capability to anticipate operating criteria and needs, ITPS defines, develops and establishes programs and procedural information specifically for each project. ITPS is the industry leader in imparting our knowledge and educating our clients to plan, develop and implement successful programs and procedural formats. Utilizing a basic training program,

ITPS developed the concept for its Flexible Modular Training Program* ("FMTP*"), which is a cross-training program tailored to each specific project. FMTP* has and continues to be utilized by ITPS as the basis for educating our clients' key management staff in all areas of proper, profitable operations and management of a facility.

We have developed a network of suppliers and industry experts who are respected for the quality of their products and the extent of their knowledge. These professional relationships provide a network of support and efficiencies that are necessary to properly plan and execute successful projects.


To properly critique and stay abreast of today's ever-changing, high-tech leisure environment, ITPS maintains a complete data bank which provides up-to-date industry information. We are able to base financial decisions, provide forecasting and determine operating assumptions with complete confidence.

Industry Leader

sample imageITPS is the leader in the leisure/attractions industry because we approach each project with vitality and a commitment to excellence. Every success, whether large or small, strengthens the industry as a whole. It is important that we sustain solid industry growth for established attractions and, also, for those individuals/companies who want to join this exciting industry for the first time.

ITPS' Mission Statement

To help our clients create successful, well-planned, well managed and safe leisure environments.

To offer industry experts who will impart their practical experience and knowledge to each client in the spirit of team building and education.

To know and understand industry trends and their impact on every segment within the leisure industry.

To develop and make available a network of respected contacts who offer quality and affordable products and services.

To ensure that the highest standard of quality and professionalism are planned and integrated throughout the entire project.

Historical Archives

sample imageDennis Speigel got his start back at Coney Island Cincinnati.  ITPS has some photos and videos in our archives of Coney Island Cincinnati and Kings Island.  The following video is called "Fun in the Making" and recently found in our archives.  The video shows the construction of Kings Island outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Please enjoy these items from our archives.

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The story of Kings Island combines archival film footage, photographs taken by Rick Norton and also by park patrons, and there's also video shot recently in the park. Interviews include: Gary Wachs, Dennis Speigel, Charles Mechem, Jack Rouse, Don Helbig, Carmen Electra, Walter and Nancy Duff, Barry Williams, and Michael Lookinland. Hosted by Nate Byrum.

Riding History to the Limits