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Asia Projects

Sun World

Sun Group, a property developer based in Da Nang City, Vietnam, developed a multi-faceted tourism and themed leisure complex in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Sun Group contracted ITPS to provide theme park design concept planning, master planning, and schematic design services. 

Amtrust Holdings, Inc.
The Enchanted Kingdom - Manila, Philippines          

The Enchanted Kingdom was the first true theme park to be developed in Manila, Philippines. Amtrust Holdings, Inc., developers of the project, retained ITPS to provide all pre-opening operations planning and ongoing management. Areas of service included equipment procurement, manual development, maintenance, safety, park operations, marketing, retail, and administration. For the ongoing management of the Enchanted Kingdom, ITPS recruited, hired, trained and placed an on-site Vice President of Maintenance and Safety for three (3) years in order to provide both construction liaison and oversee the day-to-day implementation of all maintenance and safety programs.

ITPS also provided on-going consultation to the Enchanted Kingdom in all operational areas. As part of these services, ITPS iperformed maintenance and safety audits in order to ensure that the facility continues to function with the highest levels of safety and guest service.

Lotte Jamsil Project (Lotte World )
Seoul, Korea

Lotte World is Seoul's largest theme park consisting of a major indoor/outdoor theme park complex with a contiguous retail shopping mall, two department stores and a hotel. Featured in the project is a full-scale ice skating rink, along with a variety of entertainment and attractions. Opened in the summer of 1989, Lotte World is now the world's largest entertainment complex with over 6.5 million square feet. At last count, the project's total cost was $1.3 billion USD.

ITPS became involved with Lotte World from the very beginning working closely with the Lotte team (Chairman Kyuk-Ho Shin) through the concept/design, construction, pre-opening and daily operations and management of the project. ITPS was named the Operational Planner for the project as well as providing on-site ITPS personnel to train and oversee the day-to-day operations.

Also, two Flexible Modular Training Programs? were conducted by ITPS at a major US theme park to train Lotte World's key management staff in all areas of theme park operations and management.

Beijing Amusement Park
Beijing, People's Republic of China

Beijing Amusement Park was a 100-acre traditional amusement park located in Beijing, People's Republic of China. Operated as a Sino-Japanese joint venture, the park opened in 1987 and experienced severe financial shortfalls in the first two years of operation.

ITPS was contracted by Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. (the major park investor) to consult with Price Waterhouse/Hong Kong/Beijing in order to provide short-range analyses and recommendations to halt the erosion of profits. ITPS provided a short-term plan which addressed the overall operational and financial goals of the park. ITPS also conducted an on-site analysis which lead to the development of an operational action plan addressing specific techniques which would greatly improve efficiency, guest satisfaction and park performance. To help the park meet its goals, ITPS put into place an experienced General Manager for eight (8) years to ensure that the operational action plan achieved the greatest possible results.

Tianjin Amusement Park
Tianjin, People's Republic of China

The Tianjin Amusement Park is a traditional Chinese amusement park that is located on 135 acres and includes a hotel, science center, tennis courts and waterpark.

ITPS was contracted with the Tianjin Amusement Park to develop a master plan design concept for their existing amusement park. The goal of ITPS was to bring the existing park to a new level of international theme park status, as well as establish it as a year-round facility. The modern, world-class theme park would contain six themed areas, new rides and attractions, observation tower, resort, museum, expanded waterpark and a monorail system throughout the park.

Cebu Theme Park - Cebu, Philippines

ITPS was contracted to perform a feasibility analysis on developing an 18 acre theme park just outside of Cebu, Philippines. The study considered expected attendance, anticipated revenues, probable operating expense and projected cash flows - all based upon the supportable market and capacity available at the site. ITPS also presented the findings of the feasibility in a multimedia presentation to potential investors in the project.

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